Make friends with the enemies


The Enemies are an exciting and energetic band from the east coast of Ireland who have built a loyal following and performed at thousands of shows, weddings and corporate events since their formation in 2003.


With an ever growing repertoire of songs from all genres, The Enemies pride themselves on being able to entertain at any event on the planet!


As a band, the guys believe booking and performing should be as hassle free for the client as possible and they will work with you to ensure your event runs smoothly and professionally, without costing the earth.


Because of this commitment to value and quality, The Enemies are booked to play at weddings, events and tours across Ireland, UK and the middle east throughout the year and beyond. The band have toured and played all over the USA, from the prolific South by South-West festival in Austin, Texas to the Rockwood Music Hall in NYC. Already in 2017, they performed to thousands of party goers in Qatar for St. Patrick’s Day celebrations.


You can follow the band on their Twitter, Facebook and Instagram platforms where they have built a loyal following of active fans. This is helped by co-founder of the band Colin O’Donoghue, who starred alongside Anthony Hopkins in Warner Bros movie ‘The Rite’ and  now performs as Captain Hook in ABCs TV series Once Upon a Time. While he’s had to bow out of the band due to his acting commitments, the guys still see him regularly and love to catch up with his #hookers!


If you would like to consider booking The Enemies for your event you can contact their manager Sam for a rate card or to discuss your own bespoke needs. In recent years they’ve become well known on the Irish wedding band circuit and corporate entertainment scene. You can take a listen to some of the band’s recordings here or watch live footage of the band performing here.