The Letter - Artwork Submission

The Letter- Single Artwork

Last week we released the video for our song The Letter, with wonderful stop motion animation by Carlos Lascano. Thanks to everyone for your kind words and wishes. We’re truly humbled.

Since we released the video everyone has been asking when is the song available to download!!?

So now we’re in the process of setting a date for an online digital release for download on iTunes, Google Play, Spotify etc. That date will be Friday October 2nd.

While normally we'd create some artwork for ourselves, we've been seriously impressed by the creativity and artwork of our fanbase around the world. You guys are incredibly talented. 

So we’d like you to crete the artwork, inspired by the video, for the digital release.

If this is something you’d be interested in here’s what you need to know.

Your cover art must be:

  • 1400 x 1400 pixels
  • JPG file type
  • 72 - 300dpi (300dpi is the best)
  • Less than 25mb
  • RGB color scheme (not CMYK)

Tweet us your work @TheEnemiesMusic

or post on our Facebook wall.

All entries must be submitted by midnight Wednesday 23rd September.

We’ll select our favourite three pieces and let our Facebook fans decide the winner on Thursday 24th September

We’ll send the winner a goody bag including your artwork on some merchandise. 

Can’t wait to see you ideas!! Thanks million and the best of luck.

The Enemies x


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Wishing Well - A Chance for Alice

Hi everyone,

We recently wrote and recorded a song called 'Wishing Well' for a very special little lady in our lives. Her name is Alice, she’s two years old, and she has been diagnosed with High Risk Neuroblastoma.

Our song 'Wishing Well' features songstress Katy Anna Mohan, and is the lead track from the 'Voices For Alice' album, a collection of 15 songs by various artists from our hometown of Drogheda, where Alice lives. All of the funds raised from the album go directly to helping fund treatment for Alice. 

To promote the album and raise awareness of Alice's cause, we are sending you the video we have created. Watch how vibrant and beautiful Alice is, she really is an angel!

We would really appreciate if you could watch this video and share it with your friends and family. To help support the cause you can download the track or album from iTunes or CD baby right here: https://itunes.apple.com/ie/album/voices-for-alice/id929747132

For more information please go to http://achanceforalice.ie


Thanks for your help

Thanks for listening

The Enemies 

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Space Oddity/The Enemies version (Johnny)

When I first met Ronan he use to play Space Oddity as part of his set. 
This was many moons ago before we started playing together in The Enemies.
It therefore came as no surprise to me that he chose this as our first cover song.
What did surprise me though was the video that he shot and made himself (single handedly) to accompany the tune. He sent it to me about a week ago as a demo. 
I had no idea he was working on it and I was mega impressed when I saw it.
It was then that I got my head into really listening to the original track and trying to learn the guitar parts. I've always loved the song, it's a true classic! 
Bowie is a genius as we know, and he was really inspired on this one. 
When you start to listen there's some really great playing and clever stuff going on. 

Upon attempting to decipher the guitar parts, I was listening and thought to myself this doesn't sound like Ronson or Fripp and sure enough when I googled the track it turns out a guy called Mick Wayne played guitar on it, who incidentally in his first band 'The Outsiders' played with none other than Jimmy Page! 
Turns out he was also buddies with Mick Ronson who later replaced him. 
Terry Cox played drums on it (who later drummed with The Bee Gees, Elton John and Pentangle) and Herbie Flowers played bass. (Herbie went on to become a member of T-Rex and had an illustrious career playing with the likes of Elton John, George Harrison, Cat Stevens to name but a few). He also played the famous bass line on Lou Reeds 'Take a walk on the wild side. Rick Wakeman played Mellotron and piano. Bowie of course, played his famous 12 string, which Ronan plays (among other things) on our version.
There's some terrific layers to the original track. Producer Gus Dudgeon did a hell of a job putting it all together and mixing it superbly. The vocals are fantastic, really well recorded and the harmonies are top class too (quite tricky to figure out). But Ronan did a great job, fair play to him.
Hope you enjoy it! ..hey, may be suggest a cover you'd like to hear us attempt next.
All the best!
JC ❤️🎶


An Eventful Summer :)

September Blog

Ronan here, back with a vengeance!! It's been a while since we posted a blog. Apologies for this. But we're back. Lots of news but, where to start?!

It's been an eventful few months. After our crazy and awesome adventures in the US we came home to Ireland, took some time off and regrouped in early May.

Being an independent band, we have and continue to finance everything ourselves and the reality of a four week tours of the States, while eventful, prosperous and fruitful in many ways, came at a price.
Our drummer and bass player called it a day and so we had to wish them all the best.

Captain Hook himself has relocated to Canada after securing another series on Once Upon A Time, and unfortunately couldn't commit to playing with the band anymore. But not before he laid down some cool guitar licks, kick ass vocals and  sweet sweet ukulele on our album tracks!!

So myself and Johnny started re-learning our songs acoustically and started playing some little two piece gigs before hitting the studio again to continue recording SOUNDS BIG ON THE RADIO.
After bumping into some old friends we decided to release the single SMILE with all proceeds going to the fabulous charity Down Syndrome Ireland, who we are delighted to support and continue to affiliate with.

A call out of the blue one day presented us with a new rhythm section in Dazzy Oglesby (royseven) on drums and John Boy Berkley on Bass.
So we hit the rehearsal room and we clicked in an instant.
We'd been invited to perform at Scotland's Go North festival in Inverness so the following week we arrived in the north highlands with the new line up.
After a rapturous response at our 30 minute show we got approached by some important industry people and a week later we sign with LA based agency A&R Worldwide. Responsible for breaking acts like Adele, Muse and Coldplay we set about working closely to get The Enemies to a global audience. And so far our song Perfect Stranger is gathering interest and airplay on both sides of the Atlantic. Nice!

The rest of the summer was spent in the studio, pulling out all the stops to make something we hope you'll all enjoy.
Right now we're in the final stages of mixing the album under the careful eyes and ears of our producer Stuart Gray, co-produced by myself and Johnny, fresh drums by Dazzy, Some magic from Old Hooky and a few new songs that developed along the way.
The album is being mastered in London by Pete Maher, who U2 trust with there work, so if it's good enough for Bono and the boys....

We're very excited for you guys to hear it. But a little more patience is required. We're in good hands right now with our friends at A&R Worldwide and need some time to strategise our next (and possibly biggest) move.

As always we thanks you all for your continued love and support. Without you all we wouldn't be where we are and for that we're eternally grateful. We believe great things are coming soon and hopefully we'll not only get to tour and visit a town near you but hang out, have a drink, possibly bowl, shoot pool or whatever with you all soon. That's the best part :)

Peace, love, respect and kindness to you all.

Cheers. Ronan x

The ENEMIES release single "SMILE" for Down Syndrome Ireland


June 2013                                                                                                  


SMILE4JUNE Campaign kicks off


The Enemies have released a track from their forthcoming album in aid of Down Syndrome Ireland.  ‘Smile’ a catchy and upbeat summer tune is taken from The Enemies forthcoming debut album, ‘Sounds Big on the Radio’, and captures the essence of the work carried out by the charity, according to the band.

“We are delighted to be involved with Down Syndrome Ireland,” says Lead Guitarist Johnny Crean. “It’s a cause close to our hearts, and they carry out fantastic work throughout Ireland.  We hope to stay involved with DSI for many years to come.” 

All proceeds of the single ‘Smile’, backed by the Twitter campaign #SMILE4JUNE will be donated to Down Syndrome Ireland. The band have also been invited to perform the single live at Down Syndrome’s Ireland Garden Party on 30 June in Gardenworld, Kildquade, at the National Garden Exhibit Centre in Wicklow, in support of Down Syndrome Ireland & Laura Lynn Children’s Hospice.

Pat Clarke, CEO Down Syndrome Ireland said, we are thrilled to be associated with The Enemies and the beautiful record SMILE.  We are very impressed with this young and very talented group and we are sure that their debut album will be a huge success.  All money raised through the sale of SMILE is going to help with supporting services for our families all over Ireland.   We are looking forward to seeing them live at our Garden Party in Gardenworld, please come early so you won’t be disappointed, it starts @ 11AM. 

‘Smile’ is available to download on iTunes, CD Baby, and various other major digital sites, with limited CD copies available for purchase in Down Syndrome Ireland's pop up store on 113 Grafton Street, Dublin 2.



Press contact:

Sam McGrane




Comic Relief does Dublin - Vicar St.

Hey there. reporting on our gig last week (and it WAS only last week, so there-blame the postal strike for the delay), in Vicar St. for Ireland's first Comic Relief. Fantastic to be part of such an auspicious occasion (if that's the right phrase). Going from pubs to a 1000-seater venue, full to capacity, was quite an experience. The roar of the greasepaint, the smell of the crowd…
And what a line-up.. Well, Im glad you asked: in no particular order, Jameson Green, Walking On Cars,, Keywest Official, Bipolar Empire, our humble selves and the big man himself, Paddy Casey, not to mention comedy by Niamh Marron, Joel Dommett and our good buddy Fred Cooke (with a possible guest appearance by Jesus, or a heckler, depending on who you believe). All these people in one room in the name of music, comedy and charidee. Of course, we couldn't mention all these acts, artists, musicians, comedians or Fred without thanking the organisers Danielle Liebing and Louise Tighe for putting it all together and MCing this rowdy rabble-and they were rowdy, trust me. I had to  force myself to have a few sociables in Whelan's until the early hours just to use it against them as evidence.. All in all, a fantastic night, a great cause in aid of Crumlin's Children hospital, long may it continue and huzzah! :)




US tour March 2013


Hey guys we're delighted to announce the finalized dates for our US tour. From the small rehearsal space in our garage on the east coast of Ireland to bright lights of big cities across the United States, this is something we have all dreamt of since we began playing music.

To those of you who have supported us, bought our CDs, downloaded our MP3s, bought T-shirts and hoodies from the online store, We cannot thank you enough. Without your support and generosity we would not be embarking on this tour.

This is a showcase tour completely funded by ourselves. So for every song you downloaded that's another 10 miles down the road for us. While we know some of you will be disappointed we are not visiting your city on this particular tour,  our ambition is to make the contacts and prove our worth and return to visit and perform on an even bigger scale later in 2013.

The organization that goes into putting a tour like this together is enormous. We must thank OTG Management, Mofilm and our beautiful manager Sam without who's dedication none of this would be possible.

We do unfortunately have to postpone the release of our album until a later date, as funding is tight and we must right now concentrate on the live show for the next few weeks. We will however release a single from the album in the next two week to give you all something new which you all thoroughly deserve for being so patient and supportive.

If you see your city on the list please come and  see us, sing and dance and clap your hands, but most importantly say hello to us and make friends with The Enemies.

Keep an eye on our website,  Facebook page and twitter for live updates on venues and times as they may alter slightly especially at South by Southwest. Thanks so much everyone, you guys are the best!!

Kind regards,

Ronan x




Hey there, kids,
Hope we're all getting off to a good start to 2013, sticking to our New Year's Resolutions. I resolved to be more punctual with these, so three and a bit weeks later, here we are.
For those of you who've been living under a rock (you know who you are, Mizz Alcatraz), we've been running a photo competition with the "Beauty People" song-tag. I’m happy to report; we got an excellent response from all the guys and gals out there on the Information Super-Terrific Highway land. And what a mixed bag of entries! People really went out of their way to make an effort. Great craic comparing and contrasting the different styles of pics: we had fans of all ages taking part, from younger kids, teens, young adults to parents; we had people posing on their own, with family, friends and pets (including Tigger); taking advantage of natural wonders (mountains, beaches, recognizing the allure of a sunrise, even outer space) as well as man-made structures (huge bridges, mansions..park benches); drawing pictures in sand or snow; proudly displaying their flags; we had people write their name with ink, markers, Lego, post-its-several, not just one (a different contestant who wrote their name in the snow was disregarded); pictures of lips or hands (nothing else-I checked); we had heroes and villains, with people dressing as Santa, Iron Man, Dr.Evil and a pirate (in a different competition, we could’ve organized a tag team match of some kind); from places as far away as Brazil, Romania, Spain, Kashmir, Belgium, Israel, Canada, Poland, France, Australia, Russia, all over the USA; we had one marked "A secret lair SOMEwhere in the UK" (again, Dr.Evil-we may never find out where exactly, the cunning fiend), and one or two from somewhere called Drogheda, which I believe is somewhere east of Narnia.. Photos were taken indoors, outdoors, up doors, down doors, along the highways, byways, flyways and sideways, from here to there and back again. I don’t think it's an exaggeration to say that this was the greatest competition in the history of the world ever.. But unfortunately, as you know, like Highlander, there can be only one. Or, in this case, five.
So, one more time, could we have a huge round of applause for the five winners and the five runner-upererers (it's not my word but, by jingo, I’m using it!), in order of... I don’t know, in order of St.Patrick: Joanna, France; Seasons, U.S.A.; July, Israel; Katarina, Vancouver; Lisa, Poland; Sarah & Elodie, Belgium; Sarah, Australia; Christine, Russia; and Xara, Kashmir. Congratulations to all and we shall be speaking to you all soon (but keep your acceptance speeches short, got it? Good :)



#BeautyPeople Competition

We are delighted to announce our new competition.

We have been overwhelmed with the response to our #beautypeople campaign and so we have decided to extend it over the Holiday season. Originally we wanted a few photographs to put together a small video for our song Beauty People.

Initially it was just a bit of fun but as the photos began to come in we realised there was more to the whole idea than we anticipated.

Some of you guys have gone to extraordinary lengths to produce amazing pictures and for that we are truly grateful.

So we have decided to give away prize packs to our 5 favourite photos.
The prize packs will contain lots of exclusive Enemies goodies that won't be available till later next year from our online shop and a signed cd of our EP.

We cannot thank you guys enough for the work and effort you put into this so far but now it's time to tell your friends and family especially over the holidays and let's see how far we can take this. And remember you are all beauty people x



And now some words from the man himself

Beauty People - Johnny Crean


Calling all you Beauty People out there.

We are so blown away and humbled by your response to our request for you guys to please tweet a picture of yourself holding up a #Beauty People sign that we can hardly believe it or begin to even thank you enough for taking the time to do so.
 What began as a simple idea Ronan had to try and get our song Beauty People trending on twitter has become something far bigger than we expected or could have imagined and it's all thanks to you guys for taking the idea to your hearts and running with it and coming up with incredible innovative ways to get it out there, each one more amazing and inspiring than the next.

Originally we hoped we might get enough to put into a short video, but now we are thinking we need to get some help and ideas about what to do with them next! Any suggestions greatly appreciated and we will give due credit to whomever comes up with the best idea!

The initial thoughts swirling around when writing Beauty People was how overwhelming and challenging the world can be at times and how hard some people have it and how unfair that is and how powerless you feel to do anything about it! That pitched against the realisation of how fortunate and blessed many of us are to have so many incredible people in our life's from parents, family and friends to colleagues and band mates, helping loving, giving, sharing, inspiring and generally wishing us well!

So often we take these people of great beauty and inner strength for granted and we wanted to acknowledge them and write them a song and judging by your response many of you feel the very same way and have also been blessed, with amazing Beauty People in your life's also, who have helped you through the inevitable trials and tribulations of life and who have made and will continue to make sure you come out the other side wiser and stronger than before and all the more glad having had the opportunity to have spent time with and gotten to know that beautiful person, friend, father, mother, sister, daughter, brother, niece, nephew, uncle, aunt and of course last but not least, the lovers!...aw ya gotta love the lovers, right!? 😜👍🐬




Hey there. This week's message is entitled "Jog Blog"

cause it’s short and sweet as a title, and cause I miss pelt 'gography' on the keyboard, so to avoid any further confusion on the pronunciation...


When I get stopped on the streets of my hometown, the question I get asked most often has to be, "But Brush, you have so many international fans, how do you find time to see them all?". Well, my cherubs, the unfortunate truth is, we don’t get to see ALL of them (you know where we are if YOU want to pay a visit) but we do what we can to-FOR who we can.. Why, only the other day, we were all sitting around the fireplace, swirling a tumbler of Courvoisier, indulging in reminiscences from our travels. Aah, it takes me back. Here are a couple of gems for ya...
Over the years, we've spread our wings to fly abroad to preach the message of The Enemies-a message of peace, lurve and all that jazz. We had regular stints in England for years with many wild tales of abandon and drunken debauchery (depending on who's reading this, you MIGHT need to switch that last sentence for, "...with many FINE tales of banter, junk and archery"-I don’t know, throw me a bone, there aren't too many words that sound like 'debauchery').. Ill have to leave that particular chapter for the biography. It’ll give me more time to re-ignite the beer-sodden brain cells, as well as make up some more stuff... For now, cheers for the (lack of) memories, Gerry and the gang

We've also toured Italy-well, we've played there a couple of times but more than once counts as a tour so shove it. Everyone telling us that we were staying practically beside the Colosseum, not being able to find it, then casually spinning by it in a taxi at 2.00a.m. was just one sober example (ahem).
One year we ended up in Portugal for a gig. However it happened, a good time was had by all, playing tunes, soaking up the sun and getting into heated debates with Irish T.V. presenters over the state of Irish radio, or something (never discuss religion, politics, or your favorite member of Boyzone. Stick to something simple, like the weathergirls)...
Cyprus was good fun, playing at what must have been most of the whole town's population, including the mayor, who's now a big fan (so I've been told-I’m not up to date with my Cyprishish). I cant say for certain that the crowd was there for us-there was some fella in a tuxedo and a girl in a long white dress who insisted on hogging the limelight-but everyone was in such a good mood that they must’ve been..
And of course, this year we took a trip to America...but that's a story for another day :)





Colin is Captain Hook

Next Sunday, October 21st, Colin makes his screen debut as Captain Hook in "Once Upon A Time" in the U.S. And with the news that he is now a show regular, there's gonna be a whole lot more Hook to come. In Ireland we will have to wait a little longer to see the episode. Check him out in action below.

Follow Colin on twitter @Colinodonoghue1




Making Waves In 2012

The Enemies are a five piece, unsigned, band from Drogheda, Co. Louth, Ireland. Formed in 2003 by Ronan McQuillan and Colin O'Donoghue (star of The Rite - also ft. Anthony Hopkins, Warner Bros. 2011) http://www.imdb.com/name/nm1524440/
The band released their debut EP in March 2011 which served as a taster for their self funded first album on track and due for release in June 2012. This EP was released online and through HMV stores all over the north east of Ireland. http://itunes.apple.com/ie/album/the-enemies-ep/id424319640
This Spring their song ‘Sustain’ will feature on Direct TV’s 3D surfing documentary series “Gone Until December” in the US. http://snd.sc/IyRI7w
The Enemies have worked with car giants GM on their “Chevy route 66” online campaign and the band have also been commissioned by Viennetta, Campbell’s Soup and more recently Coca-Cola to score and record music for various advertising projects. http://goo.gl/S9BgW
They have also recorded the theme tune for 2012 animated European TV show "Max Adventures". http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GuYDSbe07ag
The Enemies are currently working on a major global project for a top European ice cream brand.



The Continuing Adventures of Brush

Hey there, kids and kidettes. Brush here!! First blog entry. Dont know what to write about. Dont even have a title. Was going to call it “Deep Thoughts” but that had been taken. Then, was going to call it “Deep Probings but that’s also being used (and VERY misleading if you google the wrong site).. Ill just stick with the good old-fashioned “The Continuing Adventures of Brush”…
So, went away to Texas last month (we’ll get back to the preceding thirty one years next time) for the ‘South By South West’ music, film and beer festival. Very educational. Things I learned while I was abroad (that’s while I was in a foreign country, NOT while I was a woman): 1.The stars at night really ARE big and bright…You-Know-Where; 2.If you look hard enough, you’ll eventually find something with your name on it, such as an “El Monte” van or “Brush Square”; 3.If you DO find a Park with your name on it, dont get a photo taken with a portaloo in the background. Does your image NO favours. Not a one.
So, it was a cracker of a festival from the fraction i saw. The people were really friendly and accommodating wherever we went (though Ive been told that the locals HATE us tourists coming in and spending all our money, or something), the food was great, cool buildings and sites, a great social scene, the ladies dug our accents (nothing like stepping off the plane, shouting out “Bejakers and begorrah! …Why yes I DO know Colin Farrell. He lives on the far side of the field”)… Oh, and the music was pretty cool too but Ill mention more of that next time, along with any flashbacks that remind me of what else to write about. Any queries, stick ‘em in the suggestion box. Til then, you be careful out there 



2012 and SXSW

The Enemies performing live at the SXSWApologies for the lack of blogging lately. Gonna need a PA at this rate!
We were in rehearsals all January and February for South By South West in Austin Texas. Which paid off immensely. Our first time showcasing the all new original set and it was received very well indeed. We were working with 17 songs which we broke down to 12 for the hour long set.
Already planning SXSW for next year. We were luck to share the stage with some great acts including Tess and Carson Henley and Band from Seattle. Big thank you to Mofilm and crew for having us play at their award ceremony with special guest John Landau (producer of Titanic and Avatar) and a massive shout out to Fadó on 4th and Congress, Downtown Austin for their hospitality and continuing support of the Irish abroad. Great pint of Guinness too.
In other news: This Spring our song ‘Sustain’ will feature on Direct TV’s surfing documentary series “Gone Until December”, a ten-part documentary film series shot in 3D that takes a first hand look at one of the top women’s surf teams as they go on the year long tour.
Watch out for that in the US. I believe Discovery Channel will be showing it too.
“Max Adventures” will be hitting children’s TV stations all over Europe soon, and it will bear the Enemies recorded theme tune “Max you are King”. Also look out for the ice-cream products in your supermarkets. Very cool indeed.
We are currently working on a major project for another top European ice-cream brand, and will keep you up to date with this soon. It’s big news.
We’re in studio again, with a push on to finish the debut album and we are probably looking at a May/June release.
So much music, so little time.
Cheers you guys,



Press Release

‘The Enemies’ on track to release debut album in early 2012
US festivals lined up following year of commercial project success

Drogheda band The Enemies are on track to release their debut album by the New Year and are being lined up to play South by South West, Coachella and Lollapalooza in the US. The five-piece have been busy recording their album in between a number of other commercial projects for giants like Chevrolet and Coca Cola.
The band, who are unsigned, formed in 2003 by Ronan McQuillan and Colin O’Donoghue of ‘The Rite’ fame, began life as an acoustic duo and have grown to become one of the most popular bands in the North East. In 2011 they worked with General Motors on their Chevy Route 66 online campaign, Coca Cola on their 5by20 project, Campbell’s Soup and Carte D’Or. They have just recorded the theme tune for the animated European TV show ‘Max Adventures’ and their song ‘Free Flags Fly’ is being prepared for Chevrolet’s SuperBowl XLVI half time advert.
Band founder, Ronan McQuillan said: “It’s been an amazing year for us and we’re really looking forward to 2012. We started the year playing at the European Premiere of Colin’s movie and we’ve ended the year with a number of commercial projects behind us and our album on track. The US festival circuit will be a highlight and we hope to confirm the details really soon.”
The Enemies released their debut EP last February through HMV and iTunes. For updates and more information visit www.theenemiesmusic.com



New Projects

Lots of very exciting news to announce. Firstly we’ve just finished a project for coca-cola where we recorded and score the music for their 5by20 campaign. 5by20 is coca-cola’s ambitious global commitment to empower 5 million women entrepreneurs in their system by 2020.
2012 sees the launch of animated hero Max the Lion aka Max Adventures. Guess who’s recorded the theme tune….. that’s right us!! We’ll post the video as soon as it’s ready. But in the meantime you can check out Max and his mates Leena, Higga, Twitch and Spike as they battle Shadow Master for the Kingdom…. www.max-adventures.com
Work still continues on the album. It’s starting to take real shape. Some amazing tour dates and festivals coming up GLOBALLY for 2012. Hopefully we can announce these early next week.
Stay tuned,



End of Summer

Hi Again,
Still going strong on the gigging front and plenty of studio time to keep us occupied. Starting to get a clearer picture of what the Album may sound like. Biggest problem will be choosing 12 – 14 tracks out of the 25 -30 we’re playing with. Not a bad complaint I suppose.
Colin is back on Irish turf after wrapping on Storage 24 in London. The Movie is due for release May 2012. His next role takes him to Vienna in November. We’ll keep you posted about this as we find out more. He’s back gigging with us too, which is always cool, so tip on down if we’re playing near you soon. All dates are posted on Our Facebook Page which you can access via our home page.
Thanks for all the requests via twitter and Facebook about travelling to various coutries for gigs etc. We’ll visit you all in due coarse. Your support is great.
Toying with the idea of shooting a new video in the next few weeks when we find the time. We may need some extras, but We’ll let yis know when we get it to pre-production.
Enjoy whats left of the summer everone, Chat soon
Cheers, Ro


Rock n Roll Summer

Still really busy so far this summer. We had a short break at the end of June, took a few days off and went to Glastonbury. It was everthing you’d expect from the biggest party in the world. We plan to play at it when it returns in 2013. Fingers crossed eh?!
Back in the studio this week, with a lot of tracks to be worked on still, and with all the continuous writing, there’s new material being added to the pot all the time. Still hoping to get the album finished in the Autumn (Fall for our American friends). We’re currently looking at 25 songs, not sure which ones will make this album yet. I suppose it’s easier to complete a Jigsaw puzzle when all the pieces are laid out in front of you!!
We’ve played some cracking gigs/festivals in the past few weeks, and some to look forward to before summer ends. Be sure to catch us if you can. Thanks for all the International invitations, soon as the Album’s finished we’ll get right on it, but Bahrain and LA are the forerunners at the moment.
You can follow Colin onTwitter these days @Colinod1. Colin is in London at the moment shooting a new film called STORAGE 24 with Noel Clarke. You can check out the full cast on IMDb http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1986953/
Don’t forget you can follow us on twitter @theenemiesmusic and on Facebook. Please feel free to contact us, leave coments and ask any questions etc. We’ll always respond, eventually anyway!!
Blog again soon – Ronan


Busy Busy Busy

Hey everyone, apologies for the lack of blogging. Finding the time has been difficult!
Just to bring everyone up to speed, we’re busy recording at the moment, hoping to get the first album finished by the end of summer, early autumn (or Fall for our US friends!)
We are the Official Band for Chevrolet at the moment, recording ALL their music for Competitions all over the world. The Chevy Route 66 MOFILM film festival competitions are up and running, here’s the link to one of them: http://www.mofilm.com/competitions/wroclaw2011/route66
If you click on Download Official Chevy Music, you can get 3 free Enemies recordings. Who doesn’t like free stuff?!? These are different versions of Chuck Berrys classic ROUTE 66. We will be recording a few more versions in the coming weeks too, so we’ll keep you posted on that. You can see a competition entry, with us a soundtrack on the Homepage.
We’ve also been commissioned by Carte D’or to write a song for some TV adverts they’re putting out all over Europe later this summer. So the Track FREE FLAGS FLY was written one rare sunny Irish afternoon in the village of Termonfeckin by Johnny and Myself. Catchy little number, Maybe give yis a sneaky peek of this on Facebook in a while if we’re allowed. We’re being paid in Ice Cream too so if you see us selling it at gigs it’s just to generate €£$ to finish the album!!
On the Movie front, Colin is really busy at the moment, being head hunted for some very big roles, we’ll let you what they are very soon, exciting times. He’s on home turf at the moment, so he’s gigging with us in most venues. He has his own website if you want to tip on over and check it out www.colinodonoghue.com
Think that’s all for now, catch you all soon.