Hey everyone, apologies for the lack of blogging. Finding the time has been difficult!
Just to bring everyone up to speed, we’re busy recording at the moment, hoping to get the first album finished by the end of summer, early autumn (or Fall for our US friends!)
We are the Official Band for Chevrolet at the moment, recording ALL their music for Competitions all over the world. The Chevy Route 66 MOFILM film festival competitions are up and running, here’s the link to one of them: http://www.mofilm.com/competitions/wroclaw2011/route66
If you click on Download Official Chevy Music, you can get 3 free Enemies recordings. Who doesn’t like free stuff?!? These are different versions of Chuck Berrys classic ROUTE 66. We will be recording a few more versions in the coming weeks too, so we’ll keep you posted on that. You can see a competition entry, with us a soundtrack on the Homepage.
We’ve also been commissioned by Carte D’or to write a song for some TV adverts they’re putting out all over Europe later this summer. So the Track FREE FLAGS FLY was written one rare sunny Irish afternoon in the village of Termonfeckin by Johnny and Myself. Catchy little number, Maybe give yis a sneaky peek of this on Facebook in a while if we’re allowed. We’re being paid in Ice Cream too so if you see us selling it at gigs it’s just to generate €£$ to finish the album!!
On the Movie front, Colin is really busy at the moment, being head hunted for some very big roles, we’ll let you what they are very soon, exciting times. He’s on home turf at the moment, so he’s gigging with us in most venues. He has his own website if you want to tip on over and check it out www.colinodonoghue.com
Think that’s all for now, catch you all soon.