Still really busy so far this summer. We had a short break at the end of June, took a few days off and went to Glastonbury. It was everthing you’d expect from the biggest party in the world. We plan to play at it when it returns in 2013. Fingers crossed eh?!
Back in the studio this week, with a lot of tracks to be worked on still, and with all the continuous writing, there’s new material being added to the pot all the time. Still hoping to get the album finished in the Autumn (Fall for our American friends). We’re currently looking at 25 songs, not sure which ones will make this album yet. I suppose it’s easier to complete a Jigsaw puzzle when all the pieces are laid out in front of you!!
We’ve played some cracking gigs/festivals in the past few weeks, and some to look forward to before summer ends. Be sure to catch us if you can. Thanks for all the International invitations, soon as the Album’s finished we’ll get right on it, but Bahrain and LA are the forerunners at the moment.
You can follow Colin onTwitter these days @Colinod1. Colin is in London at the moment shooting a new film called STORAGE 24 with Noel Clarke. You can check out the full cast on IMDb
Don’t forget you can follow us on twitter @theenemiesmusic and on Facebook. Please feel free to contact us, leave coments and ask any questions etc. We’ll always respond, eventually anyway!!
Blog again soon – Ronan