Lots of very exciting news to announce. Firstly we’ve just finished a project for coca-cola where we recorded and score the music for their 5by20 campaign. 5by20 is coca-cola’s ambitious global commitment to empower 5 million women entrepreneurs in their system by 2020.
2012 sees the launch of animated hero Max the Lion aka Max Adventures. Guess who’s recorded the theme tune….. that’s right us!! We’ll post the video as soon as it’s ready. But in the meantime you can check out Max and his mates Leena, Higga, Twitch and Spike as they battle Shadow Master for the Kingdom…. www.max-adventures.com
Work still continues on the album. It’s starting to take real shape. Some amazing tour dates and festivals coming up GLOBALLY for 2012. Hopefully we can announce these early next week.
Stay tuned,