Hey there, kids and kidettes. Brush here!! First blog entry. Dont know what to write about. Dont even have a title. Was going to call it “Deep Thoughts” but that had been taken. Then, was going to call it “Deep Probings but that’s also being used (and VERY misleading if you google the wrong site).. Ill just stick with the good old-fashioned “The Continuing Adventures of Brush”…
So, went away to Texas last month (we’ll get back to the preceding thirty one years next time) for the ‘South By South West’ music, film and beer festival. Very educational. Things I learned while I was abroad (that’s while I was in a foreign country, NOT while I was a woman): 1.The stars at night really ARE big and bright…You-Know-Where; 2.If you look hard enough, you’ll eventually find something with your name on it, such as an “El Monte” van or “Brush Square”; 3.If you DO find a Park with your name on it, dont get a photo taken with a portaloo in the background. Does your image NO favours. Not a one.
So, it was a cracker of a festival from the fraction i saw. The people were really friendly and accommodating wherever we went (though Ive been told that the locals HATE us tourists coming in and spending all our money, or something), the food was great, cool buildings and sites, a great social scene, the ladies dug our accents (nothing like stepping off the plane, shouting out “Bejakers and begorrah! …Why yes I DO know Colin Farrell. He lives on the far side of the field”)… Oh, and the music was pretty cool too but Ill mention more of that next time, along with any flashbacks that remind me of what else to write about. Any queries, stick ‘em in the suggestion box. Til then, you be careful out there