When I first met Ronan he use to play Space Oddity as part of his set. 
This was many moons ago before we started playing together in The Enemies.
It therefore came as no surprise to me that he chose this as our first cover song.
What did surprise me though was the video that he shot and made himself (single handedly) to accompany the tune. He sent it to me about a week ago as a demo. 
I had no idea he was working on it and I was mega impressed when I saw it.
It was then that I got my head into really listening to the original track and trying to learn the guitar parts. I've always loved the song, it's a true classic! 
Bowie is a genius as we know, and he was really inspired on this one. 
When you start to listen there's some really great playing and clever stuff going on. 

Upon attempting to decipher the guitar parts, I was listening and thought to myself this doesn't sound like Ronson or Fripp and sure enough when I googled the track it turns out a guy called Mick Wayne played guitar on it, who incidentally in his first band 'The Outsiders' played with none other than Jimmy Page! 
Turns out he was also buddies with Mick Ronson who later replaced him. 
Terry Cox played drums on it (who later drummed with The Bee Gees, Elton John and Pentangle) and Herbie Flowers played bass. (Herbie went on to become a member of T-Rex and had an illustrious career playing with the likes of Elton John, George Harrison, Cat Stevens to name but a few). He also played the famous bass line on Lou Reeds 'Take a walk on the wild side. Rick Wakeman played Mellotron and piano. Bowie of course, played his famous 12 string, which Ronan plays (among other things) on our version.
There's some terrific layers to the original track. Producer Gus Dudgeon did a hell of a job putting it all together and mixing it superbly. The vocals are fantastic, really well recorded and the harmonies are top class too (quite tricky to figure out). But Ronan did a great job, fair play to him.
Hope you enjoy it! ..hey, may be suggest a cover you'd like to hear us attempt next.
All the best!
JC ❤️🎶