Hey guys we're delighted to announce the finalized dates for our US tour. From the small rehearsal space in our garage on the east coast of Ireland to bright lights of big cities across the United States, this is something we have all dreamt of since we began playing music.

To those of you who have supported us, bought our CDs, downloaded our MP3s, bought T-shirts and hoodies from the online store, We cannot thank you enough. Without your support and generosity we would not be embarking on this tour.

This is a showcase tour completely funded by ourselves. So for every song you downloaded that's another 10 miles down the road for us. While we know some of you will be disappointed we are not visiting your city on this particular tour,  our ambition is to make the contacts and prove our worth and return to visit and perform on an even bigger scale later in 2013.

The organization that goes into putting a tour like this together is enormous. We must thank OTG Management, Mofilm and our beautiful manager Sam without who's dedication none of this would be possible.

We do unfortunately have to postpone the release of our album until a later date, as funding is tight and we must right now concentrate on the live show for the next few weeks. We will however release a single from the album in the next two week to give you all something new which you all thoroughly deserve for being so patient and supportive.

If you see your city on the list please come and  see us, sing and dance and clap your hands, but most importantly say hello to us and make friends with The Enemies.

Keep an eye on our website,  Facebook page and twitter for live updates on venues and times as they may alter slightly especially at South by Southwest. Thanks so much everyone, you guys are the best!!

Kind regards,

Ronan x